Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One Hundred

Was sitting and watching the news at the gym while I was waiting for Amy to come out of the locker room (after my swim...cripes, 4 miles already this week...alas, the days of "just enough" in the water are officially over...) and the happy weather dude informed me that we have 100 degrees - yes, 3 digits - to look forward to on Saturday. Yee Haw! On a related note, I have a 2:30 run tomorrow in 91 degrees. What is that, like, 15 miles or more? Sweeeeet.

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Todd said...

Lucky for me, I was born in the actual Amazon jungle and I love the heat and humidity......yah RIGHT! This is so not cool. I hope I live to see Sunday. If not, it's been a great ride. Send JoJo my love.