Thursday, July 13, 2006

Running Through Fire

A solid but tough 15 miles yesterday, and another deposit into the Ironman bank account. I ran at almost exactly a 10:00 pace - the objective for the run being easy, not fast - and that's probably :30 faster than I anticipate coming out into the run at IMWI. The important thing is the I managed the heat well, and have to feel encouraged about the strides I've made in that department in general. The digital thermometer at the school on my trail read 100 degrees (though it had cooled to a spring-like 91 by the end of my run...and it's funny how much more comfortable 91 feels than 100...), but I loaded up a cooler with ice, water, and Gatorade, and ran a 4.5 mile loop so that at least once an hour I was refreshing with cold liquid and soaking down with cold water. About 2 miles or so into the loop is a drinking fountain, which I'd also use for a quick drink and to cool off, and to replace any of my empty fuel bottles with water so I could douse myself as I ran. As long as I stayed pretty well soaked and drinking about every 12 minutes, I was pretty okay. The last 5k were rough, but as a matter of fatigue more than heat. All in all I felt great about the run.

I sat in an ice water bath again when I got home, shreiking like a banshee for the first 5 minutes, but it definitely helps with recovery. I don't really know what Saturday's race will be like - I'm coming off of my highest volume week all year, with a 102 mile bike, 5+miles in the water, and what will ultimately be over 25 miles running for the week. It won't surprise me to find my legs well shredded going into the run on Saturday, but so be it. These are the conditions, so I'll just have to do my best and MANAGE THE HEAT!!!

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