Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Race Report: Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (Part 2)

Well the numbers are finally in, and they look like this:

The swim took me 31:10 - about a 2:20 improvement over last year's swim time, which is pretty cool - it's useful to compare those two because the conditions were almost identical. Still not a P.R. though - that's from a race last August where I swam it in 30:24. Anyway.

In and out of T1 in 2:06, 10 seconds better than last year and 13th fastest in my age group. The bike was 1:03:56, good for 20.9mph (can't compare to last year, for the shortened course), which is a fast pace considering that I rode at 100rpm all day and really took no efforts to ride fast as much as "comfortable" - the operative word for the day. T2 took me 1:22, 8 seconds slower than last year but 11th fastest in my age group (can they make a sport just out of transitioning? I might be really good that that...), and finally the 3 mile run took me 24:46, for an 8:15/mile pace. Which is a perfectly acceptable pace for the day's goal of racing comfortable.

All said, then, a finishing time of 2:03:20. Good for 27th out of 160 in my age group - what is that, top 15%? Not quite, about top 17% or something. I'll take it.

I've posted some pictures that I have of the race, though there are more coming in. As usual, they're over there on the right. So far these are just some photos from the swim, and I actually had no idea I was having my picture taken at all, so you'll have to forgive the contemplative senior photo scenes. I'm such a tool. Anyway, I'll let you know when more are up. I've also rearranged all the race report/photos so that the newest race is on the top, so they chronologically descend, rather and ascend. That way you don't have to scroll all the way down just to see the latest photos. I should also have the High Cliff Triathlon photos up sometime today - was solo at that one, so was at the mercy of the pro photographers that were there. Looking forward to seeing them - I'll post them up when I get them in hand!

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Good work Chris!